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Welcome to Roadster!  As a lifelong early bronco “nut”, I’ve grown very fond of the Ford “Roadster” Bronco and its short production life. Logging owner names and location of these classic Broncos on pads of paper simply limited me to recording the “true” number of existing Roadsters left in this world. This is my intention for the registry.

Any Roadster owner can register. Only two criteria have to be met. First, the Bronco’s vehicle identification number must begin with U13. The other, it must come from model years 1966, 1967 or 1968. All Roadster Broncos are eligible. They can be original, restored or modified. That’s it!

I created “” simply for the love and benefit all Roadster owners. Any donations are gladly accepted to support and keep the website operational. Please contact me through the website for the mailing address.

– Tim


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